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Our systems integrate with multiple platforms. This means customer billing notices are distributed efficiently and include all the information your customers need in a clear, easy to understand format.

What we can do for you

Water usage advice

A recent project with one of our local government water authority clients saw us refining the process for their tenant water usage advice. We delivered an integrated approach across their platforms to collect the information. A clear design layout was applied, including customised graphs to show usage.

Water billing

A water billing notice needs a clear layout, with information that is easy for customers to understand at a glance. This information is often drawn from multiple platforms and requires customisation for industrial and residential charges.

Our experience with local and state government water authorities has allowed us to deliver quality solutions. We have a flexible approach that enables integration with old and new systems and is able to handle tiered usage charges and generate customised graphs for usage comparison. We’re adept at meeting compliance regulations and providing multiple design layouts for different usage types.

Electricity billing

Electricity bills are highly regulated and need to comply with legislative requirements. They also need to be easy for customers to understand. Usage comparisons, tiered charges, multiple meters and legislative changes are just some of the challenges faced by billers. This is why PML’s experience and customised approach is needed to make implementation easy.

Customers request information and self-service reduces administration. Electronic bill delivery enables the ability to promote these services via web links and direct them to your website. PML facilitate the electronic delivery of these notices via BPay View and Bulk e-mail to not only help you reduce administration, but also reduce costs and increase cash flow.

First and final reminder notices

Telephone billing

Our experience

Utility bills are not the most welcome correspondence for customers. There is a tendency for many people to question the amount and usage, and this can delay payment times.

Through our ongoing work with utility companies, we have been able to refine and integrate systems, and deliver customer friendly notices that result in less queries. This ultimately helps our clients reduce their costs.