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State Government

Our strength in understanding and meeting regulatory requirements is invaluable for our clients in state government. Accuracy is paramount and integration improves efficiency, so it’s crucial that they are working with a team who’ve established a thorough knowledge of the sector. And that team is PML.

What we offer

Registration and licenses for vehicles, boats, firearms, gaming and fishing

A recent project with a transport department provided our team with the chance to completely transform their operations for the better.

We implemented extensive quality control processes, including daily synchronisation of backend data via an automated web service. Registrations are now distributed more efficiently, with selective insertion to target specific audiences. Bulk posting and BPay View have resulted in substantial savings and our systems manage stock control for branch stationery.

Land tax

Our customised processes ensure systems integration capability for all our clients. Working with a state revenue office on issue of land tax assessments recently saw us introduce electronic distribution with a quality automated system, as well as bulk processing.

Our client experienced the benefit of reduced costs and greater administrative efficiencies.

Infringement and collections

We’re experienced in dealing with all types of infringements and monetary penalties.

Our systems deliver end-to-end integration, direct from the field officer issuing the fine through to production of the infringement notice. Automated processing allows for same day issuing of notices, and reduced administration. Our clients are assured of confidentiality and accuracy, and audit information is readily available.


Surveys and electoral ballots

Government housing

With more than 16 years' experience working with government housing departments, our expertise is second to none.

One of our government clients recently rebranded, and we worked with them to enable a smooth transition for their tenants. Automated fast processing was introduced to allow daily issue of correspondence. Templates were updated to meet new brand guidelines, while still maintaining compliance with all regulations. And more importantly, security and confidentially was assured for our client and their tenants.

Library notifications

Payslip production and distribution

Our experience

Our expertise in the state government sector includes notices, registrations, licenses, certificates and more. Our systems deliver efficiency, with secure automated integration. Electronic distribution means reduced postage costs, and online payment channels mean more customers pay on time with ease.