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Integration with medical systems, and secure data management provides greater efficiency for our clients in the healthcare sector. This means our services help to free up staff resources and time for other priorities.

What we can do for you

Cancer screening reminders and appointments

Our work with breast screening control services and cervical cancer screening control services has delivered high quality outcomes and helped these organisations free up in-house resources to focus their time where it’s needed.

Through integration with medical systems, and batch processing of daily letter production, we’ve ensured fast turnaround for patient notifications with the added benefit of cost efficiencies. Tracking mechanisms have been implemented, and valid address reporting has improved accuracy.

We’ve also been responsible for maintenance of templates, brochures and stationery. Our reputation for quality control and assurance of secure data handling has been imperative for these clients.

Hospital operation appointments and information

Our ability to integrate systems has been well received by clients in the healthcare sector, including a growing number of hospitals. Secure transfer of files, batch processing for daily letter production with traceability and reconciliation reporting has helped these clients improve patient communication.

Positive outcomes that we’ve delivered include increased accuracy through secure file based insertion methods, a faster turnaround on patient notifications, reporting on patient correspondence, and cost efficiencies through batch grouping and postage savings. Outsourcing this function to PML has also ensured staff resources are free to focus on other priorities.

Awareness campaigns

Our experience

Our clients in the healthcare sector deal with sensitive information and their patients rely on them for confidentiality, accuracy and prompt provision of information. We’ve worked closely with cancer screening control services and with hospitals, and are proud of our work in helping them improve their patient communication.