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Finance, Insurance and Banking

Working with clients in highly regulated industries is a key strength of PML. Over the years we have established long term relationships with businesses in the finance, banking and insurance sectors. They trust our systems and our ability to deliver security and confidentiality.

Our highly refined data management and distribution processes allow these clients to tailor messages and material for their customers and target audiences. And this helps them drive business growth and financial returns.

What we can do for you

Issue of credit card and banking statements

Twenty years ago we started working with a small banking client, helping them with printed mail distribution. Today, that client has evolved and grown, and so has our relationship.

We are currently delivering trans promotional messaging based on account types to their customers in highly targeted marketing campaigns. An indexed PDF statement system has been created to integrate with their systems, and our data management and distribution processes have ensured they access fast turnaround of time sensitive material, such as interest rate letters.

Through our collaboration over the past 20 years, we’ve seen this client grow exponentially in size and in reputation.

Policy and guideline changes

Insurance renewals

Close business relationships that facilitate continual feedback and improvements are an asset to any organisation. And this is something we have seen yield results for one of our key clients in the field of insurance.

We recently worked with this client on streamlining their customer communication for renewals and policy updates. Meeting compliance requirements was critical, and we set up an extensive quality assurance process.

The project involved working to assist with the implementation of the client’s new system. By doing this we were able to deliver automated integration, resulting in a much faster turnaround for all their customer communications.

Invoice and statements

We were recently contracted to improve the process of managing financial statements for a bulk goods supply business. This was a bold yet necessary move – the business had previously managed the function internally. They needed a systemised approach, and the ability to free up time to focus on servicing their customers.

We took data from multiple sources to produce one comprehensive statement. Electronic distribution was introduced, resulting in reduced postage costs. And the more efficient delivery times had the benefit of improving their cashflow.

Targeted and personalised promotional material

Our experience

Working with clients across the financial services sector means we understand the need for compliance with legislation. We know that security, accuracy and traceability is vital and we keep audit logs, and offer secure encryption of data.

Electronic distribution channel and data management ensures our clients’ communication is contemporary and best practice. And our experience working across a broad range of industries means our services are adaptable.