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Print Mail Logistics Limited has a strong focus on good corporate governance, with a board committed to acting in the interest of investors.

Nigel B Elias

Managing Director (Executive)

Mr Elias has extensive national and international experience as a Company Director and Chief Executive Officer of organisations including the GenaWare Group and Australian Card Services.

Other roles have included positions with the Bank of Montreal, the Mercantile Bank of Canada, Canadian Commercial and Industrial Bank, Citicorp Australia and CIBC Australia. Mr Elias has been duly admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (University of Lancaster, UK) and Master of Business Administration (Columbia University, USA).

Mr Elias is Managing Director of the Company having been appointed Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Company in June 2004. Mr Elias is responsible for all aspects of the Group’s activities.

Luis Garcia

Chairman (Non-executive)

Mr Garcia is a senior executive with qualifications and experience in banking and finance, investment, real estate, government and management consulting. Mr Garcia has held senior executive positions and non-executive directorships nationally and internationally.

Mr Garcia brings 30 years’ experience as a senior executive and director having served on boards in finance, funds management, investment, IT, agribusiness, retail and non-profit sectors. Mr Garcia has also served on Receivers’ Committees of Inspection, Compliance Committees, Investment Committees and Credit Committees. Mr Garcia is a Certified Practising Accounting, a licensed real estate agent and a responsible officer under AFSL licenses. Mr Garcia holds a Master of Business Administration (Macquarie University), a diploma in Financial Advising and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Garcia is a non-executive chairman having been appointed on 13 October 2017. His special responsibilities include membership of the Audit and Risk Management Committee, the Nominations Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

Stuart Percy

Director (Non-executive)

Mr Percy is a senior solicitor admitted in both New South Wales and Queensland with experience in various areas of law including commercial, commercial litigation and legal structures. He has practised on his own account for over 30 years in both New South Wales and Queensland and has had experience in both rural and city practices. He has a keen interest in business and the development of start-ups and financing for businesses developing new technology and practices in a changing business environment.

Mr Percy is a non-executive director having been appointed on 27 May 2016.